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As the prop turns…

So I’ve been meaning to write about the recently public bids that came out for Macon, Georgia.   Macon, a short 75 or so minute drive south of Atlanta Hartsfield, is back on the EAS dockets with Georgia Skies (operated by … Continue reading

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And its off to New Mexico…

Before I even stepped foot in New Mexico, I always envisioned it looking just like the desert-scape from the Road Runner cartoons growing up.   And when I worked for Mesa Air Group, I found myself in Farmington and realizing “where’s … Continue reading

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Welll I thought it would be a quiet week..

Until I checked the docket for yesterday & today has some items rolling in.   I’ll work on a post and get that up before I fly off to Chicago tomorrow, but I have to say one thing:  I know a … Continue reading

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Computer says no…

Last week it was noted that the DOT had a bid from Sovereign Air for Alpena, Michigan but I didn’t see it posted – well the DOT released it on the 31st. Well, I guess some people will never get … Continue reading

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This caught my eye…

So it looks like PenAir may be the next carrier to enter the EAS program in the Lower 48… although I’m not sure how many people ever really doubted Sovereign Air would get it. Copy of e-mail from docket: ——————————————————————————————– … Continue reading

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I want money… that’s what I want…

The theme of EAS over the past month and a half can be summed up in a great song by the Flying Lizzards – That’s What I Want.  Delta has pulled the EAS trigger on a significant number of EAS … Continue reading

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Surprise surprise!

Well our favorite paper airline withdrew its bid from 4 markets today.   Surprised? not at all.  The folks running Sovereign Air really need a wake-up call, as they keep bidding on EAS and the DOT keeps telling them “Sovereign Air … Continue reading

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Up next: a slew of unrelated midwest markets

Sorry for the delay, but had an interesting batch of proposals released the other day involving Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Paducah, Kentucky; Muskegon & Houghton-Hancock, Michigan. I thought I would have been completed by now, however that just isn’t the case. … Continue reading

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