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And the poaching continues

I guess its almost time to start hanging up the Christmas decorations around here – we’ve already got Christmasy weather here in Juneau… sorta.  Had a few inches of snow fall earlier in the week, so we have a nice … Continue reading

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Back into the swing of things…

Wow its been an interesting month, and the airlines can probably say the same thing! Sequestration is in full effect and the government agencies are doing their damndest to make sure you feel it, and feel it HARD.    I mean, … Continue reading

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And its off to the races….

As there’s been a lot of movement in the EAS world and I haven’t been able to keep up with it all… mainly because I’m working on a few projects for one of my airlines (non-EAS) and also working with … Continue reading

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Its been a bit quiet…

Today is quite the sad day in America as we had another looney shoot up a bunch of kids… :/  And of course the initial reaction is to ban guns.   I’m not a fan of our government’s ability to enforce … Continue reading

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Competitive move or does EAS really work?

Or how about both.  And let this post be proof I’m not always about busting airlines’ balls or the DOT’s balls.   But, starting in February 2013, Dickinson, North Dakota will no longer be subsidized.  Great Lakes Airlines notified the DOT … Continue reading

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9 lives and counting…

One of the more unfortunate sides of a merger is the dissolution of one of the merging parties.  Midwest Airlines proudly served the Great Lakes region for 30 years.  As the airline built up the Milwaukee hub, it provided easy … Continue reading

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EAS shuffle in the Rockies?

Typically I don’t pay much attention to most of the Great Lakes Rocky Mountains network… they have been the only main carrier in most of these markets for well over 10 years, so I’ll glance at the bid and move … Continue reading

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Here we go again…

By now, everyone can probably tell me exactly where Alpena, Michigan is on a map, right? I know everyone at the DOT can! So the results of the *4th* round of RFP’s is out, and I’m not sure how I … Continue reading

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Quick wrap-up

Hasn’t been too much going thru the dockets lately. The City of Waterloo, Iowa has thrown their support towards American Eagle providing EAS service to this non-subsidized community.   Waterloo was once served by Great Lakes-United Express and Northwest Airlink and … Continue reading

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I want money… that’s what I want…

The theme of EAS over the past month and a half can be summed up in a great song by the Flying Lizzards – That’s What I Want.  Delta has pulled the EAS trigger on a significant number of EAS … Continue reading

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