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Interesting development at Great Lakes

Normally I don’t comment on rumors started on pilot message boards, but this one caught me by surprise. The rumor is that Great Lakes Airlines is starting up / acquiring an FAA Part 135 certificate to fly smaller aircraft.   Upon … Continue reading

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As the prop spins..

Well this is fresh off the press — apparently Silver Airways will NOT be bidding to continue flights at its Montana operations.  The routes were originally awarded to Gulfstream Airlines back in 2010 to the tune of about $10 million … Continue reading

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Here we go again…

By now, everyone can probably tell me exactly where Alpena, Michigan is on a map, right? I know everyone at the DOT can! So the results of the *4th* round of RFP’s is out, and I’m not sure how I … Continue reading

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As the dust settles…

The former Delta Connection markets in the Upper Midwest are finding Great Lakes in a position to do what it can to make it work. Great Lakes has announced a few interesting routes – unsubsidized – such as Pierre to … Continue reading

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Alpena’s tight spot…

Alpena, Michigan is your stereotypical EAS market.  City kinda out in the middle of nowhere.  Decent amount of local business, far from low fares (and pretty much everything else), and its had a historical traffic flow into one hub for … Continue reading

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3 airlines to watch

There are a few airlines out there (actual airlines!) who are doing some good things, and I think airports should be keeping an eye on them. First up, is Mokulele Airlines, one of my former employers.  I worked with Mokulele … Continue reading

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New Airlines? Or just new branding?

Sorry for neglecting everyone so long!  While there’s been a lot going on, to the naked eye it appears we have some new players in the Lower 48 EAS world.  Some have been around for a while, just doing new … Continue reading

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Lakes returns to Minnesota…

On Wednesday, the DOT issued a preliminary award for some of the ex-Northwest Airlink Saab markets out of Minneapolis to Great Lakes Airlines.   This also announces a return of Great Lakes to Minneapolis, as the airline served a handful of … Continue reading

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Busy day yesterday… the DOT.  Had a number of items come through yesterday. First up, the Department is going to send Alpena, Michigan back out for rebid.  The Department rejected the bid from Gulfstream, as it was over $3 million dollars “and … Continue reading

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I want money… that’s what I want…

The theme of EAS over the past month and a half can be summed up in a great song by the Flying Lizzards – That’s What I Want.  Delta has pulled the EAS trigger on a significant number of EAS … Continue reading

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