Maybe I was wrong

So a colleague at another airline brought up some key points in my last post – and amazingly he’s right.

There *HAS* been stuff going on, and I point it at my new computer ^_^.  I realized it was not pulling up a new page each time I visit a site, so the resource I use was not showing any additions (since I check it daily in the morning and again in the evening) it appeared nothing happened.

Pacific Wings is showing its guns against Makani Kai in Hawai’i, regarding the Kalaupapa EAS award.  I’ll have more on that in the next few days.

The DOT has allowed New Mexico Airlines to cease service and terminate EAS subsidy payments to Alamogordo/Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.  From

Neither the community nor New Mexico Airlines has disputed our tentative determination that the community’s average subsidy per passenger for FY 2011 was $1,445 – above the $1,000 limit. As stated above, Public Law 112-27 amended the definition of “eligible place” to include the requirement that during the most recent fiscal year, a community must have had an average subsidy per passenger of less than $1,000. The statute does not allow the Department to look prospectively when determining whether the community meets the eligibility requirement. Rather, the statute requires the Department to look back to the most recent prior fiscal year. Therefore, while the community and carrier offer suggestions to modify the EAS contract to reduce flights or change the service destination, and provide information on the potential influx of passenger levels due to the German Air Force Flying Training Center’s announcement that it will conduct training at Holloman Air Force Base, the statute does not permit the Department to consider information other than the average subsidy per passenger in the most recent prior fiscal year when making its decision

Not sure why Pacific Wings didn’t “pull out all the stops” to make this community work, as it claims it does so well with EAS that it has removed markets from the program**.    I’m not sure we’ll be seeing Pacific Wings tout its amazing ability to be one of the only airlines that has been “successful” with EAS moving forward.   Hopefully someone can make this market work, albeit with lower frequency and keep these guys on the map.  Order 2011-2-14.

DOT has also extended EAS funding for Hagerstown, Maryland and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Cape Air presently links these markets to BWI and seems to have done OK.  DOT is now sending out an RFP for service to these communities and I’ll also comment on these later.


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